Insignes des artificiers et démineurs

Insignes des artificiers et démineurs

USA POLICE divers services

SECRET SERVICES, EOD, souvenir visite psd Bush en France, merci Thierry





FBI Tampa EOD, souvenir visite  Laurent  Fabius en Floride









The Pittsburgh Police Bomb Squad was formed in the late 1960s. Today the unit is comprised of 8 bomb technicians who receive extensive training from the F.B.I in electronics, render safe procedures and weapons of mass destruction. The unit has two bomb robots and technicians utilize state of the art technology, equipment and bomb dogs to ensure that Pittsburgh remains at the forefront of explosive detection and renders safe procedures. The unit also has certified scuba divers who can locate and render safe underwater hazardous devices. The Bomb Squad is dedicated to community interaction and participates in numerous community events throughout the year.




























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